Welcome to Ascension

Welcome to Ascension!

A place of love, peace and tranquility, to grow, heal, learn and connect with Glenn & Paul at their beautiful property in Muriwai Valley, Auckland. We gave the property the name Ascension Gardens.

Glenn works with spirit to brings messages and healing to people at Ascension Healing as well as still doing his hair dressing which he loves so much, which is aptly named Hair @Ascension!

Ascension Gardens

Our 5 acre property has been named Ascension Gardens which we are presently developing to be a place of peace and tranquility.

Glenn operates both his psychic readings from here as well as his hair salon.

Whilst the gardens are not open to the public, we do welcome enquiries.

Follow our journey at Ascension Gardens

Ascension Healing

Since a child, Glenn Lewis has communicated with spirit.

His pyschic readings and healings are known for their in-depth focus on your true life purpose.

Glenn offers psychic readings and spiritual healings at the studio on our property.

Learn more and book your spiritual reading or healing
at Ascension Healing

HAIR @ Ascension

Glenn is an award winning hair stylist, who trained at Servilles before opening his own Salon. Expert in colour work and bth modern and mature styles, Glenn is admired by his clients, with many of them coming to him for many years.

To make a hair appointment with Glenn
please Phone: (09) 411 8652.

I love my work, both as a hairdresser and when I connect to the Spirit World.

A new look or a new perspective – both bring about changes that help empower us in our lives.

I look forward to helping you on your journey of life.


– Glenn Lewis

Glenn Lewis

Contact Us

Please note Glenn is only available by appointment.

For psychic readings please visit Ascension Healing website to make an online booking.

For Hair appointments please phone 4118652.

If you have questions, please do contact us via the form.

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